Sky Journal of Soil Science and Environmental Management Vol. 6(4), pp. 041-052, May, 2017. Available online
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Change detection approach in determining the rate of urban expansion dynamics and changes in land use/land cover: A case study of Owerri municipal, Imo State, Nigeria


PETER, Chibuike C.1*, ALOZIE, Michael C.2, AZUBUINE, Chika E.3, and OTI, U. Christian3

1Abia State University, Department of Environmental Resource Management.
2Abia State University, Department of Geography and Planning.
3Abia State University, Department of Architecture.

*Corresponding author. E-mail:



Accepted  8 May, 2017




Land use/Land cover dynamics over time is a phenomenon occurring globally due to varied interests of the inhabitants in a particular area. GIS and remote sensing is now the most evolved method of determining the rate, nature and extent of this phenomenon. Change detention is one of the accurate approaches in determining the rate of change in terms of space and time. This approach has the ability to measure the rate of change as regards to space and time as well as the nature of change with high kappa accuracy. The aim of this study was to map the LULC dynamics and estimate the rate of urban expansion dynamics using Owerri Imo State Nigeria as a case study. Landsat satellite imageries of 1994, 2004 and 2014 of the study area were brought into GIS environment and processed using ENVI 4.5 and ArcGIS to determine the rate, extent and nature of the urban dynamics. The study revealed significant changes in LU types over the study periods. It was observed that built up area increased, farmland decreased in the first period. In 2014, farmland decreased, forest and vegetation also decreased. Open spaces decreased, this was because of the increase in built up area. There were fluctuations in water body over the periods; this was due to change in seasons of the year. The change detection analysis integrated with spatial metrics performed in this research allowed for the monitoring of land use/land cover changes overtime and space in the area. 

Key words: LULC, GIS, dynamics, satellite, Kappa accuracy Owerri, ARCGIS, remote sensing.


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