2015 Archive


March, 2015, Vol. 4(1)


Managing salt affected soils: Issues and strategies.

Novel biomaterial for decontamination of toxic metals from waste water.

Absorption capacity and time effect on polarity evaluation of various solvents using natural bentonite clay mineral.


May, 2015, Vol. 4(2)


Assessment of Golspie Beach sand feeding performance using high resolution digital terrain models.

Suitability of soils derived from sandstone and beach sands for cashew (Anacardium occidentalis) and coconut (Cocos nucifera) cultivation in the Niger Delta Area, Nigeria.


June, 2015, Vol. 4(3)


Solid waste management: An urban environmental sanitation problem in Nigeria.


July, 2015, Vol. 4(4)


Municipal solid waste scavenging practice’s in Mubi, Nigeria.

Land suitability rating for building site development in southeastern Nigeria.


September, 2015, Vol. 4(5)


Sewage polluted surface water: A menance to quality of life in Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria.

Transportation planning and its effects in urban development.


October, 2015, Vol. 4(6)


Biodegradation of used engine oil by fungi isolated from mechanic workshop soils in Sokoto Metropolis, Nigeria.

Landuse/landcover change detection of Mubi Metropolis, Adamawa State, Nigeria.


November, 2015, Vol. 4(7)


An assessment of two decades of land use changes in Owerri town Imo State Nigeria.

December, 2015, Vol. 4(8)


Evaluation of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) alternative livelihood project at Afi, Mbe and Okwango, Cross River State.

Landscape heterogeneity and complexity in river floodplain ecosystems.