2014 Archive


January, 2014, Vol. 3(1)

Effects of gas flaring on selected arable soil quality indicators in the Niger Delta, Nigeria.


Distribution of zinc and copper fractions in acid and alkaline (highly calcareous) soils of Iran.


February, 2014, Vol. 3(2)

Potassium permanganate as an oxidant in the remediation of soils polluted by Bonny light crude oil. 


Elemental composition of crop field soil by X-Ray fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy, Bangladesh subject.


March, 2014, Vol. 3(3)

Financial losses due to soil erosion in the Mt. Elgon hillsides, Uganda: a need for action.


April, 2014, Vol. 3(4)

Municipal solid waste characterization and it’s assessment for potential compost production: A case study in Zanjan city, Iran.


June, 2014, Vol. 3(5)

Linking pedology and extension: Emerging trend in optimizing fertilizer recommendations and sustaining soil health in Nigeria.


Potential of biogas production from palm oil mills’ effluent in Nigeria.


July, 2014, Vol. 3(6)

The removal of phenol from aqueous solution by Colocasia esculenta araesia Linn Schott.


September, 2014, Vol. 3(7)

Assessment of the productivity of bio-diesel from jatropha curcas plant in Nigeria.


Effects of different rates of vermicompost as potting media on growth and yield of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) and soil fertility enhancement. 



October, 2014, Vol. 3(8)

Ongoing efforts of asbestos eradication in Rwanda.

Relative erodibilities of some soils from Anambra basin.

Assessment of adaptation strategies to the impact of climate change on forest resources of Akwa-Ibom State, Nigeria.


December, 2014, Vol. 3(9)

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocabons (PAHs) in the environment, sources, effects and reduction risks.

Enhancement of phosphate solubilizing activity of Enterobacter clocae by NTG mutagenesis.