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Application of the theory of planned behavior to assess the determinants of HIV/AIDS risk among high school students in Hawassa city, Ethiopia

Abiy Semunigus1, Zelalem Tafese2* and Tesfaye Semella3


1Hawassa University, School of Environmental, Gender and developmental studies.
2Hawassa University School of Nutrition Food Science and Technology.
3Hawassa University, Center for Policy and Development Research (CPDR).

*Corresponding author. E-mail:


Accepted  31 October, 2016




High school students are more likely to be at risk of HIV/AIDS. Knowledge gaps and misconceptions in areas of HIV transmission, unfavorable attitudes and risky sexual behavior are the major hindrances to prevent the spread of HIV. To assess the determinants of the risk behavior towards HIV/AIDS among high school students in Hawassa city, a cross sectional study was conducted. Percentage was used to determine the level of knowledge, attitude, perceived behavioral control and subjective norm of students. Logistic regression analysis; P- value, odds ratio and confidence interval was computed. Out of 367 study participants, 245(66.8%) have good knowledge towards HIV/AIDS. Student’s behavior is found significantly affected by their gender, a type of school, perceived behavioral control and attitude towards HIV at (p<0.05). Multivariable Logistic regression analysis revealed the student’s behavior is significantly affected only by their attitude at (p <0.001). The study highlighted misconceptions about preventive methods of HIV transmission and risky sexual behaviour which need to be addressed. Specified, focused, continued and strengthened education on HIV/AIDS to bring change in behavior, through modifying their attitude is recommended.

Key words: Attitude, HIV/AIDS, perceived behavioral control, subjective norm.


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