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Chemical composition and functional properties of Sorghum-African yam bean flour blends

Joseph Ikechukwu Okoye1*, Godson Izuchukwu Ene1 and Charles Chijioke Ojobor2


1Department of Food Science and Technology, Enugu State University of Science and Technology, P. M. B., 01660, Enugu, Nigeria.
2Department of Biochemistry, University of Nigeria Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria.


*Corresponding author. E-mail:


Accepted 13 March, 2017




The proximate composition, mineral content and functional properties of sorghum and African yam bean flour blends were investigated. The sorghum flour (SF) was blended with African yam bean flour (AYBF) in the ratios of 90:10, 80:20, 70:30, 60:40 and 50:50 (SF: AYBF), respectively. The flour blends obtained were analyzed for proximate composition, mineral content and physical qualities using standard methods. The proximate composition of the blends showed that the protein content of the samples increased steadily with increased substitution with African yam bean flour from 8.46% in 90:10 (SF: AYBF) to 14.76% in 50:50 (SF: AYBF) samples, while carbohydrate decreased. The mineral composition of the blends also showed that the phosphorus, potassium, iron and magnesium contents of the samples increased with increased supplementation with African yam bean flour while their calcium and zinc contents decreased. The physical properties of the blends showed that the samples had a range of bulk density, 0.94 - 0.98 g/ml, swelling capacity, 180.2-226.2%, oil absorption capacity, 6.84 - 8.86 ml/g, water absorption capacity, 13.27 -16.46 ml/g, foam capacity, 140.4 - 168.8% and viscosity, 10.2 - 16.8Cp, respectively. The proximate, mineral and functional properties observed suggested that the flour blends may be useful both as nutritional supplements and functional ingredients in the formulation of a variety of convenience baked products.


Key words: Proximate composition, mineral content, physical quality, supplementation, sorghum flour, African yam bean flour.


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