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Effect of storage on the iodine content of some table salts sold at a local and a super market in Port Harcourt, Nigeria 

Emelike N. J. T., Achinewhu S. C and Ebere C.O


Department of Food Science and Technology, Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Nkpolu Oroworukwo, P. M. B., 5080, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.


*Corresponding author. E-mail: njtemelike@yahoo.comTel.: +2348072847358.


Accepted 2 February, 2017



One kilogram of five brands of commonly used iodized salts such as Dangote (DT), Mr Chef (MC), Magic Time (MT), Anapuna (AP) and Uncle Palm (UP) salt were procured from local market (LMT) and supermarket (SMT). They were stored at a temperature of 28±2oC for a period of six weeks and analysed to determine iodine loss over storage time. Iodine values at week 0 were used as the standard. The result showed that at week 0, salt samples had iodine content of 27.49 ppm, 39.65, 47.05, 47.60 and 92.55 ppm for UP, AP, MC, DT and MT, respectively for LMT salts with significantly lower (P < 0.05) value in AP and higher value in MT salts. Same LMT salts had moisture content of 1.72% UP, 1.09% AP, 0.71% DT, 0.53% MT and 0.46% for MC. SMT salts had significantly higher and lower iodine values of 94.15 and 31.15ppm (MT and UP), respectively. AP had 48.08 ppm, MC 49.70 ppm while DT had 51.25 ppm of iodine values. Moisture values recorded to be 2.07%, 1.13, 1.11, 0.61 and 0.46% for UP, DT, AP, MT and MC, respectively for SMT salts. During storage, iodine values of salt samples from the LMT were observed to decrease from 47.55 – 45.25 ppm with loss of 5.60% for DT salt, 47.05 – 41.05 ppm loss of 14.29% for MC, 92.55 – 84.65 ppm loss of 18.81% for MT, 39.65 – 38.08 ppm loss of 3.74% AP and 27.49 – 18.15ppm loss of 22.24% UP salt. Those from SMT equally decreased from 51.25 – 51.05 ppm loss of 0.48% (DT), 49.70 – 47.55 ppm loss of 5.12% (MC), 94.15 – 91.00ppm loss of 7.50% (MT), 48.05 – 42.50 ppm loss of 13.21% (AP) and 31.15 – 18.55 ppm loss of 30.00% for UP. Among all the salt samples, iodine values of those from SMT were better compare to those from LMT. It is then recommended to store salts away from direct sunlight.


Key words: Storage, iodine content, table salts, local and super markets, evaluation.


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