Sky Journal of Food Science Vol. 4(3), pp. 030-041, May, 2015, Available online

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Evaluation of nutritional properties of high protein-fiber based snacks formulated from wheat, soybean concentrate and cassava fiber

OGUNMODIMU, O. Opeoluwa, IJAROTIMI, O. Steve* and FAGBEMI, T. Nathaniel

Department of Food Science and Technology, Federal University of Technology, P. M. B., 704, Akure, Nigeria.


*Corresponding author. E-mail:  or


Accepted 18 April, 2015


Functional snacks were produced from soybean concentrate, cassava fibre and wheat flour. Food materials were processed into flour and blended in the ratio of 65:22:13 (SWC1), 75:18:7 (SWC2), 85:13:2 (SWC3) and 75:25:0 (SC). Each sample was mixed with condiments, water, manually extruded, baked, and evaluated for proximate compositions, microbial loads, physical and sensory properties. Results showed that the formulated snacks had crude protein value of 12.43 - 67.0%, ash 2.41 - 5.97%, moisture content 6.89 - 10.43%, crude fat 2.81 - 3.85%, crude fibre 2.77 - 6.09% and carbohydrate 9.35 - 72.68%. Mineral contents (mg/100g), i.e., iron had value of (17.31 - 201.17), Zn (20.30 - 29.87), Mn (3.43 - 7.10), Cu (1.37 - 9.13) and Na (3346.67 - 13466.67). Nickel, lead and Cadmium were not detected. Glutamic acid (23.93-19.83g/100g protein) had the highest values of amino acids, while tryptophan had the least (0.72 - 0.95g/100g protein). Anti-nutritional factors and microbial loads of the snacks were low and within the acceptable level, water absorption capacity of the snacks had value of 1.77 - 2.20%, oil absorption capacity 0.87 - 1.78%, loose bulk density 0.60 - 0.78g/ml, packed bulk density 0.90 - 1.20 g/ml, swelling capacity 0.65 - 0.82% and least gelation concentration 0.60 - 0.77%. Sample SC was most preferred than other samples, but less preferred to control sample (CS). The study concluded that sample SC was preferred to others and comparable to control (CS).


Key words: Functional snacks, nutrient compositions, sensory attributes.


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