February, 2015; 4(1)

Physical and biochemical characteristics of some korarima accessions (Aframomum corrorima (Braun) P. C. M. Jansen) collected from major growing regions of southern and southwestern Ethiopia.

Awareness of food borne pathogens and food poisoning among consumers in Taif - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Awareness of pesticide residues in foodstuff among people in Taif region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


March, 2015; 4(2)


Nutrient and sensory analysis of abari made from composite mixture of kidney bean flour and maize flour.

Effect of boiling and roasting on the nutrient composition of kidney beans seed flour.


May, 2015; 4(3)


Evaluation of nutritional properties of high protein-fiber based snacks formulated from wheat, soybean concentrate and cassava fiber.

June, 2015; 4(4)

Effect of fermentation on mineral and anti-nutritional composition of cocoyam (Colocasia esculenta linn).

Development of extraction protocol for phenolic compounds in musk tree seed (Buchholzia coriacea).

July, 2015; 4(5)

The use of Fourier transform mid infrared (FT-MIR) spectroscopy for detection and estimation of extra virgin olive oil adulteration with old olive oil.

Determination of the functional and keeping qualities of extruded soy-cocoa and corn starch based complementary food.

September, 2015; 4(6)

Evaluation of nutrient composition, glyceamic index and anti-diabetic potentials of multi-plant based functional foods in rats.


November, 2015; 4(7)


Effect of sun- drying on nutrient content of orange fleshed sweet potato tubers in Tanzania.

Impact of different blanching treatments on the nutritional and sensory properties of oven dried carrot slices.

December, 2015; 4(8)

Sexual maturity linked variations in proximate composition and mineral content of female scomberomorus commerson (narrow banded mackerel) in south east coast of India.