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Review Paper

Religious perspective of corruption and development in Nigeria


Casimir Peter Unyanga


Department of Religious and Cultural Studies, Akwa Ibom State University. E-mail:  Tel.: 08033834284, 08086014463.


Accepted 23 February, 2018


This work examined the religious perspective of corruption and development in Nigeria. Religion permeates the life of every human being as well as every society throughout the world, and every religion has norms, values and acceptable standards reflected in its doctrine. By inculcating in adherents these norms and values, religion is expected to promote social control and acceptable standards in the society, thereby reducing vices such as corruption. Thus religion and corruption are seen as having a symbiotic relationship. Using the Christian religion, this work argues that the prevalence of corruption in Nigeria is an indication that the Christian religion is failing and is losing its potency to correct the vices in the society and as such, has undermined the fundamentals of a global ethics necessary for the modern Nation like Nigeria and her development. Using the phenomenological method of analysing social issues, the work concludes that Christianity is not doing enough in its function to combat corruption and recommends that religious leaders and adherents of the Christian religion have a greater role to play if the fight against corruption in Nigeria must be successful for her growth and sustainability of development.

Key words:
Religion, corruption, Christianity and development.  

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