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Inclusive quality education for sustainable development in Nigeria


Dare, E. Alaba


Department of Social Science Education, Kogi State University, Nigeria. E-mail:


Accepted 15 January, 2018


In September 2015, Head of State and Government met in Paris to set the world on a path towards Sustainable Development through the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Goal four (4) focused on inclusive quality education and lifelong learning opportunity for all. This research paper was carried out to ascertain teachers’ perceptions on the use of Teaching Aids for inclusive education. Primary data were sourced for the study. A total of three hundred and eighty-seven questionnaires were administered to respondents, out of which eighty-nine questionnaires were administered to the teachers and the rest to the students using a stratified random sampling technique. Descriptive statistic was used to analyze the data while inferential statistics were used to test the hypothesis. Findings revealed that: There is a significant difference when teaching aids are used for inclusive Education. It reduces the level of abstraction, gives room for effective retention and it saves the teacher’s time and energy. The Author advocates public and private partnership participation in the provision and funding of instructional materials in schools. Supportive services should be provided in schools for a child with special needs.

Key words:
Inclusive education, sustainable development goals, neighbourhood school.  

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