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The prosperity theology’s impact on the contemporary Nigerian Church and society


Goka Muele Mpigi


Department of Religious and Cultural Studies, Akwa Ibom State University, Obio Akpa Campus, Oruk Anam Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. E-mail:  Tel.:+234-805-5458-953. 


Accepted 29 September, 2017


This paper, the effect of the prosperity theology on contemporary Nigerian church and society saw prosperity theology as an over emphasis on wealth and health, flamboyance and materialism. The prosperity theology, birthed in the USA, is now spreading in the Nigerian church and society like wild fire. Against the claim that Christians who are prosperous are rich spiritually, while the poor are perceived to be spiritual paupers, this paper contended that most scriptural references made in support of this claim are placed out of context, thus, giving a false impression and interpretation about what the Bible really teaches. However, this paper observed that the prosperity gospel has either by ‘hook or crook’ left some positive impression on the contemporary Nigerian church and society. Thus, advocated that the Prosperity Theology should not be a total, ‘throwing the child and the bath water away.’ As Pentecostalism emphasizes prosperity, it deals with socio-economic situations from the spiritual perspective, in the same vein; spiritual causes of illnesses are being emphasized with a projected position for a spiritual remedy. This paper concluded with a recommendation that, the prosperity theology may not be totally discouraged but its positive fruits could be harnessed.

Key words:
Pentecostalism, prosperity, theology, gospel, Impact, health and wealth.  

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