Sky Journal of Business Administration and Management Vol. 4(3), pp. 018-022, June, 2016. Available online,
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Service quality in the olympics: A satisfaction model for African sports tourists in the Rio 2016 Olympics


Sebata Emmanuel


Kyambogo University, Department of Sportscience, Kampala, Uganda. E-mail:  Tel.: +8618331135740.    


Accepted 6 May, 2016





Previous researches have revealed that quality of venue, game experience, parking, security, staff, access, accommodation quality and several other dimensions provide satisfaction to sports tourists who take part in the Olympics. However, most of these have been findings that apply the broad group of participants. This study aims to explore the key dimensions the provide service quality satisfaction to Africans sports tourists who take part in the Olympics; the paper gives an analysis of selected existing service quality models, theories and tourists experiences from previous games and proposes a service quality satisfaction model for Africans in the Olympics games focusing on the 2016 Rio Olympics games as a case study in this study.

Key words: Africans, Olympics, Rio, satisfaction, service quality, sport tourists.


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