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Full Length Research Paper

Relevance of operations research in business education programme in Nigeria


Adeleke, Moses Solagbade


Business Education Department, Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, Oyo, Lanlate Campus, Lanlate. Email: 

Accepted 5 October, 2015





This paper attempts to examine the relevance of operations research experts in the teaching of Business Education in the Colleges of Education in Nigeria by looking at the NCCE Business education minimum requirements structure. In this paper, three questions were proposed and answers to them were carefully presented to show case for employability of or experts in the colleges of education as we have it in the Universities. In the body of the paper, simulated interest sum profile and or schematic model for accounting information processing were used to illustrate how the use of models can be used to stimulate students’ interest into translating real business system into mathematical and schematic models and back to real life of business world. The skills of or modelling is now a necessary condition for all nations to do business in the global world of today. Since the world has become a small village therefore, the training of business education teachers for secondary schools should not be limited to teaching jobs but be able to produce business mogul that will transform this economy. Business education as packaged by NCCE is infinite complex system which the major part of it can be studied and taught through models. Since the notable experts in this area are operation research experts, then inclusion of this category of teachers become necessary because the teaching of Business Education requires a multidisciplinary approach.

Key words: Operations research, business education, model, modelling.


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