Sky Journal of Business Administration and Management Vol. 3(6), pp. 076-084, November, 2015. Available online,
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Un-tax economy and its effects on governance in Africa


Danjuma Abdullahi* and Azhar Harun


Ghazali Shafie School of Government, College of Law, Government and International Studies, University Utara, Malaysia. 

*Corresponding author.  


Accepted 9 October, 2015





African countries depend so much on natural resources which are prone to exogenous tremors, and experience had shown that natural resource revenue has driven violence, corruption, and clientelism. Mineral-rich countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are mired in corruption and patronage, while poor states such as Benin and Togo cannot afford to make the human capital investments necessary for economic growth. This paper examines alternatives ways of funding public goods through internal tax generation. No research was conducted using Africa as a unit of analysis. Qualitative method was employed in data collection, 18 respondents were interviewed ranging from citizens to government officials. The findings reveals that weak institutions, fragmentation of African states, lack of trust, poor monitoring and poor citizens mobilization resulted to poor revenue generation in Africa. The paper suggests consensus building as well as commitment of government to provision of public goods.

Key words: Africa, economy, governance and tax.


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