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Nutrient management practices for sustainable maize production in Ethiopia: A Review


Tadesse Debele

Department of Plant Sciences, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences, Ambo University, P. O. Box 19, Ambo, Ethiopia. E-mail:      



Accepted 2 February, 2017




Low soil fertility is one of the constraints to sustain maize production in Ethiopia. To alleviate this emerging problem in the country, research efforts on nutrient management have begun since late sixties. However, yearly escalating costs of inorganic fertilizers discouraged resource poor farmers to use the full dose of recommended fertilizers. To optimize the nutrient demand of maize a number of research activities on integrated uses of both mineral and organic fertilizers has been emphasized. Significant responses were observed at 110/20 kg NP ha-1 for Bako area, 75/25 NP ha-1 in west Shoa zone, 75/35 Kg NP ha-1 in west Wollega zone and 69/20 Kg N/P ha-1 in Jimma zone. In areas like, Abobo 23/46 Kg NP ha-1 showed better responses by maize. In Northwest Ethiopia maize responses were in ranges of 60-180 Kg ha-1 to N and 20-60 Kg ha-1 to P for different districts. Similarly, when fertilizer was integrated with lime and applied to maize better responses were observed at 92/20 Kg NP ha-1 and 4 t ha-1 lime. Moreover, the integrated uses of mineral fertilizer with FYM, compost, green manure legumes such as mucuna, lablab, crotalaria and sesbania and also their use as short fallows enhanced soil fertility and confirmed to replace either partially or fully the N-fertilizer requirement of maize from external sources. Nug and soybean were found as best crops for rotation in maize cropping system. The literatures lines of research on nutrient management for maize production in Ethiopia were reviewed in this paper. 

Key words:
Soil fertility, organic fertilizers, chemical fertilizers, maize, yield.



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