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Nitrate reductase activity, nitrate and relative water contents in wheat as fluctuated during 24 h cycle under water stress 


Mujtaba S. M, Muhammad Ali Khan*, Khanzada B. K. M.U.Shirazi Khan M. A and Saba Mumtaz K.

Nuclear Institute of Agriculture, Tando jam, Sindh, Pakistan.      


*Corresponding author. E-mail:  


Accepted 29 September, 2016




Green house study was conducted to observe the 24 h growth cycle fluctuations in nitrate reductase activity (NRA) and its relations with nitrate (NO3) and relative water content (RWC) under water stress. In this regard, the data of eight wheat genotypes, i.e. Chakwal-86, M-154, DS-4, Rohtas, Lu-26, Sind-81, DS-17 and Pak-81, having different genetic potential, were used and the data was pooled to observe the mechanism. The experiment was laid out in randomized manner using completely randomized design (CRD) with three replicates. Water stress treatment was imposed after 60 days of planting by withholding the irrigation, while control plants were irrigated normally. The 24 h fluctuations in NRA, RWC and NO3- contents were estimated at an interval of 3 h during 24 h growth cycle. The results revealed that Nitrate reductase activity was low in stressed plant of all the tested genotypes than non-stressed ones. It was also found that NRA was highly dependent on nitrate NO3- contents; however, non-significant correlations of NRA with RWC and temperature were observed.

Key words:
Water stress, NRA, NO3- content, RWC, wheat.



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