2013 Archives

January, 2013, Vol. 2(1)

Assessment of farmers’ indigenous knowledge and selection criteria of yam in Sierra Leone


An empirical study of economics of sugarcane cultivation and processing based farming in Uttar Pradesh


March, 2013, Vol. 2(2)

Income upgrading model of cattlemen in the utilization of artificial insemination: A case study in village of Kanonang III regency of Minahasa – Indonesia


April, 2013, Vol. 2(3)

Farm resource productivity in conflict communities: Evidence from the Niger Delta region, Nigeria


May, 2013, Vol. 2(4)

Structure of South Africa’s agricultural trade


June, 2013, Vol. 2(5)

A transaction cost analysis for high value crops in the Etunda irrigation project of semi-arid Namibia


July, 2013, Vol. 2(6)

Farmers’ willingness to pay for treated wastewater in the Jordan valley


August, 2013, Vol. 2(7)

Factors influencing crop diversity in dry land sector of Sudan


Knowledge and attitude of small holder coffee producing farmers to coffee quality: the case of Oromiya and SNNP regional states, Ethiopia


September, 2013, Vol. 2(8)

Impact of farmer field schools (FFS) on banana production in Gakenke district- Rwanda: Case study of Yimenyenawe cooperative in Nemba sector (2010-2012)


Performance of wheat genotypes under osmotic stress at germination and early seedling growth stage


October, 2013, Vol. 2(9)

Effects of dried rumen content and castor oil seed cake diets on haematological indices, serum biochemistry and organoleptic properties of broiler birds


The effect of wetland on guinea fowl (Numida meleagris) egg productivity and fertility during the dry season in the guinea savannah ecological zone of Ghana


November, 2013, Vol. 2(10)

A canonical correlation analysis of the impact of social capital on market performance of Sesame in Nasarawa State, Nigeria


Salt tolerance study of six cultivars of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris, l.) during seedling stage


Effect of phosalone on rumen in vitro fermentation parameters


December, 2013, Vol. 2(11)

Study on genotypic variability estimates and interrelation-ship of agronomic traits for selection of taro (Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott) in Ethiopia


Coheritability in wilt tolerant maize hybrids