Sky Journal Publishers is an open access model, English Language oriented journal publishing organization, owned and managed by African scholars and Institutions.

Sky Journals is poised on offering researchers and research institutions all over the world excellent services delivered in a friendly digital environment by distinguished editors, sub-editors, reviewers and editorial assistants leveraging on world-class technology. Sky Journals is predicated on the need for researchers to have access to a source of information and an opportunity to share, through publications, new ideas and solutions for sustainable development.


At SKY JOURNALS, we do not assume that we have a monopoly of knowledge and so, we hope to have our horizons expanded by an active readership. Upon occasion we will invite specific contributions and sometimes devote entire issues to selected topics, but we will also entertain proposals from the public.

Please read our Instruction for Author before submitting your Manuscript.

SKY JOURNALS, Publishing Information for Enlightenment and Showcasing your Research Work to the World.

STRICTLY PROHIBITED: Authors should note that paper cannot be withdrawn at any condition once it is accepted. The Team of Sky Journals advise you, do not submit same article to the multiple journals simultaneously. This may create a problem for you. Please wait for review report which will take maximum 01 to 02 week.

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